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Fire Security's On-Site Facilities

Located at the ex-Mines Rescue Station for the Kent coalfield, Fire Security has unique on-site facilities, which are ideal for the delivery of many different training courses and activities. On-site facilities include:

Two Fire Grounds:

Large training ground for Fire Hose and Hose Reel with:

  • Fire Pump
  • 2 hydrant outlets
  • Branches
  • Various hose lengths
  • Nozzles
  • Fog applicators
  • Foam branches
  • Spray lance
  • Trays
  • Baskets.

Small fire extinguisher training ground with:

  • Fire trays
  • Basket
  • Safety hose reels.

Underground Training Gallery (tunnels) with:

  • Smoke chambers.
  • Restricted access, heat and humidity chamber.
  • Fire chambers.
  • Hi-fog system.
  • Ladders/limited access confined spaces.

Two dedicated Lecture Rooms with:

  • Full instructional facilities (computer projection systems, TV/DVD, white boards etc).
  • Workspace for 24 students.

Breathing Apparatus Maintenance Room.

Fire Extinguisher Workshop.

Kitchens cold lunch provided for training courses if required.

Toilet & Shower Facilities

For further information, please contact us.